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COVID-19 Disaster Payment Update

On 15 July, the Victorian Government announced it was entering a five-day lockdown. Also, today, the Commonwealth government announced proposed changes to the way economic support will be delivered to individuals and businesses. This support will be in partnership with States and Territories in areas that are declared Hotspots or subject to lockdown restrictions.

On Thursday evening the Scott Morrison and Daniel Andrews agreed to these new supports and further support where a lockdown has been imposed by a State or Territory Government for less than 7 days, the Commonwealth will provide the COVID-19 Disaster Payment as follows:

  1. A Hotspot has been declared by the Chief Medical Officer.

  2. The Federal Government will provide income support for those who work or live in the areas declared as a Hotspot. Income support for individuals outside of Hotspot areas will be provided where requested and at the cost of the State or Territory Government.

  3. Individuals will be eligible for the COVID-19 Disaster Payment if they have lost between 8 and less than 20 hours of work for a payment of $375, and for 20 or more hours of work for a payment of $600, during the period of the lockdown. There will be no liquid assets test applied to eligibility for these payments.

  4. A commitment has been made by the State or Territory Government to provide significant economic support, for the same lockdown period, to ensure cost sharing between the Commonwealth and the State or Territory Government.

How to Claim to COVID-19 Disaster Payment:

To claim online you need a myGov account linked to a Centrelink online account. If you don’t have a myGov account, you can create one.

If your myGov account isn’t linked to Centrelink, you can prove who you are through myGov to link to Centrelink.

For more information visit Services Australia.

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